Saturday, May 21, 2011

'Tis the bridal season

The Spanish Gown - designed and made by joanshum 

Found this too-gorgeous-for-words wedding gown on Etsy and it inspired us to write another post. At this time of year, brides-to-be are crossing off the final items on their to-do list before the big day.Congratulations if you will be a bride this summer :) Love and the wonderful things it brings is certainly worthy of celebrating.

Knowing that it's close to wedding season, we have stocked up on a couple of adornments that could potentially be exquisite bridal jewelry + bridesmaids jewelry + thank you gifts.

by Street Cat Designs

Hand crocheted crystal and freshwater pearl earrings, romantic and
also very glam. We'd recommend these ones for the bride.

by Arjemco
Rose gold mini heart necklace, perfect if you're looking for a simple piece that your bridesmaids would be able to wear again after the wedding.

Amethyst Teardrops by OhKuol
We actually designed these for bridesmaids, notice how elegant these are without being too flashy (wouldn't want a bridesmaid to steal the thunder.) If you chose a royal purple for your wedding color, these would be lovely.

There is more selection in store, you could check out our Facebook page to do a little more window shopping. Our local designers accept custom orders, stop by 2439 Granville Street and see if there is anything that catches your fancy!

So growing up in a big family, we are used to being invited to big and grand weddings, the biggest with over 600+ guests! At that particular wedding, we knew maybe 10% of the attendees. And that's overestimating. We learned that sometimes a big wedding may not be as cozy as small wedding. Remember, quality over quantity, and don't sweat the small things!

And we'll leave you with that. Happy wedding planning :)


Priscilla & Vi

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