Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chronicles of an Etsy rookie: $7 Etsy showcase

In case you missed our previous posts, we recently revived our Etsy shop. Being eager and feeling all gung ho, we decided to purchase a spot in the Etsy jewelry showcase, in hopes of making 1 or 2 sales. If you're wondering how the Etsy showcase works, basically it costs $7.00 to book a spot in the showcase for 24 hours. 

We had 2 sales last night and we thought it was from the showcase. We thought, "Sweet, this showcase thing works!" But we were actually discovered through Twitter, what a great invention it is. 

To sum it up, the $7.00 got us a handful of views and no sales. Although I've heard positive feedback about showcases, we weren't too impressed with our first experience. Next time, we would rather invest the $7.00 for renewing listings. 

Advice from one rookie to another:
  • If you're going to do the showcase, try your best to fill your shop. They say the magic number is around 100 items.
  • Renew the items lined up for the showcase half an hour before it's time for your first item to be listed.
  • Put out your specials and marked down items so they're fast pick-me-ups.
  • Or save your money instead!

On a brighter note, we are shipping out orders to Switzerland this week, very exciting!

Are you an Etsy seller and had success with the showcase? How do you make the best of out it? Share with us!

Priscilla & Vi


  1. I think that you would do very well to concentrate on blog and twitter exposure.

  2. Thanks Troy, I think that's definitely somewhere to start. They're both free and helps get the word out. Are you on Twitter?


  3. Hey Pricilla ! Thank for stopping by my blog, you should definitely make your way over to los angeles someday. I love your outfits :) && good luck with your showcase! I'm sure you guys will sell a bunch of fabulous jewelry : )


  4. Thanks Sophia, I might be heading your way for a wedding this summer. Probably won't do a showcase again lol, but thank you for your encouraging words. :)


  5. Hello Prisilla, I have only messed with twitter just a little. I am going to concentrate on doing a blog. I have started doing treasuries of potters, these are the people that use my tools and I am getting good feedback. Maybe you could do treasuries of clothes that would look good with your jewelry. People usually click on the person that put the treasury together to see what they are all about.

    Best wishes,