Friday, May 6, 2011

Contest Winner


The Mother + Daughter Photoshoot Giveaway contest ended earlier today at 4:00pm. We wrote out all the names who entered onto little pieces of paper, folded them in half and I picked out the winner with my eyes closed at 6:00pm! 

First off, thank you to everyone who entered this contest. We loved seeing all the retweets on Twitter (we received the most entries there by the way, don't underestimate Twitter!), on Facebook, and also thank you rebadiva for entering through our blog.

Here we announce our winner, Miss Wahiba, who entered through Twitter and through Facebook!

Our question was, what was the best style advice your mother ever gave you? 

Wahiba says: "My mom inspired me to wear and collect nice silky scarves to polish up every outfit. I got a collection now - Thanks Mom!" 

Others said:
  • "Fashion always works in cycles so don't throw out things if you can still use them."
  • "Be classic but add a touch of your personality."
  • "Mama's style tip is: Balance & proportion. If you're going to show the top shelf, make sure you cover the bottom shelf."
  • "My aunt always told me to tuck my hair behind my ears or else I'd look like a foxy lady."
  • "Invest money in pieces that have a great cut."
Thank you everyone for sharing these style tips!

Congratulations again to the winner! We hope this photoshoot package will give your ma a 
nice surprise this weekend :)
p & Elle3 Studio

p.s. For those who missed out this time, check out Elle3 Studio's website to enter their Headshot/Portrait Photo Package contest!

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