Friday, September 30, 2011

Our newest line of hand knit and hand crocheted cozies

Shopping for fall? Or gearing up for winter?

Which ever the season, our newest line of hand knit and hand crocheted "cozies", Beyond Infiknitty by OhKuol, will keep you warm and effortlessly stylish during the chilly days to come.

Each piece is hand knit and hand crocheted in our own home studio. We source out quality local materials; locally hand dyed cotton threads and hand painted luxury merino wool (extremely soft and lush for a comfortable fit!)

Have you also noticed a beautiful selection of colours? This season, we are focusing on choosing vibrant colors and jewel tones. A pop of color may compliment your style and wardrobe. But choosing the wrong shade of orange, for instance, could cross the very fine line of looking hot versus tasteless. Our choice of color for each individual piece is strategically and carefully chosen for wearability.

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