Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Labradorite from The Northern Lights

That's the Aurora Borealis, or known as The Northern Lights. Our customers up in Whitehorse and Alaska talk about it, but I am sure it is a different experience when you are actually watching these glowing lights glimmer and dance in the night sky. I live in the hustling and bustling city of Vancouver, one of the best cities in the world. Yet, sometimes I wonder how it would be like to live in a small village or in the country side, where street lights are minimal and the skies are pitch black at night. One day, I would love to make a trip up to Whitehorse and see how brilliant this natural phenomenon is!

Lately, we have been working with a gemstone called 'Labradorite', which has natural flashes of blues and greens. Legends and old stories have said that labradorite is a stone that has fallen from the Aurora Borealis because the colors between the two are very similar... It is truly a fascinating stone!

Here are a pair of labradorite cluster earrings we handmade recently. To compliment the colors of labradorite, we chose to use blue quartz, peacock freshwater pearls, and grey freshwater pearls... very exotic colors!

Do we have any readers who have seen The Northern Lights? We love stories :)



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