Thursday, June 23, 2011

OhKuol Bags

Hi all! In the midst of working on our website and other projects, we have also been keeping busy with Etsy. This week, we opened our SECOND Etsy shop featuring OhKuol Bags, which are all handmade by our dear ma, Judy, in our home studio!

We decided to open this little shop to showcase her work. It also gives her a reason to continue sewing. Sewing used to be a part time job for her while raising us kids. Although she has retired, she still enjoys sewing and creating very much. Vi and I help her pick out fabrics. We're big fans of Amy Butler 100% cotton fabrics. They are quality fabrics with vibrant and colorful prints and patterns. Like some say, you can never have too many bags, just like how you can never have too many shoes... ;)

If you haven't stopped by the store yet, try to swing by and check out our closing/moving sale! Selected local artisan jewelry are discounted from 20% and up, including Silver Trumpet, Irit Sorokin Designs, Fani Song Recycled Glass Jewelry, The Raven Iron, and OhKuol Luscious Gemstone Jewelry - which is also available for purchase online in our jewelry Etsy shop. Local Vancouverites, please use coupon code 'VANCITY' to redeem your discount!

That's all the news for now, have a lovely weekend everyone! Toodaloos...



  1. Thank you! :) Hope your Thursday is going better than your Monday.

  2. Love it! It's my newest favorited item on Etsy! Gotta wait until payday though!

  3. Thought your username looked familiar, thank you for your support Jenna :) Added you to our circle, remember to use coupon code 'FUNKY' if you decide you have to have it!

  4. Way to go, gotta keep ma busy! It looks like lots of fun!

  5. Thanks Troy :) Yes, we can't wait to see the look on her face if a bag gets shipped to somewhere out of Canada, she'll be stoked!

  6. Thanks for the coupon tip and adding me to your circle! I think I may be able to take the plunge and order the bag today, I have to crunch some numbers first, but wanted to ask in your opinion does it hold a good bit of stuff? I usually try to look for a bag that can hold whatever book I'm reading, my camera, cosmetic bag, wallet, and some other odds and ends. Any thoughts on if that size would be sufficient for that obscene amount of stuff? (I know it's a lot!)

  7. Hi Jenna, you're very welcome. I have the aqua flower petals bag which is about the same size as the comic strip bag and it can hold quite a bit.

    I would say for sure it will hold a novel sized book ~6x8x2", a small digital camera ~6x3", a makeup bag (this depends how much you carry around), a regular water bottle, a wallet, a batch of keys, cellphone, glasses case, and if you also carry a thin agenda like I do (7x9x0.5"), that would fit too, but it would prob. start feeling a little snug in there.

    It would fit a bigger SLR camera, but I wouldn't suggest using the bag to carry such a $$ camera around!

    Hope this is helpful :) let us know we could help you answer any other questions.

  8. Thanks for providing the detalied info! I'm guilty as charged for carrying my Olympus Pen E-PL1...but I have it in a tight fitting case so it doesn't take up AS much room as it could. I may have to adjust a bit of what I carry but I am going to head over to the shop to make the purchase :) So the bag will be heading ALL the way to Florida!

  9. Got it Jenna, thank you very much for your order! All the way to Flora, exciting!! As long as you are carrying it with a protective case, it should be good to go :) Just sent you shipping info via Etsy, see inbox. Thank you again!